Domestic Violence the Musical Play

Domestic Violence the Musical?

Tens of thousands of people have decided which door she will enter. Now its your turn to decide.

Control Assault Delete Play

23 Bruises

Must see for those seeking to understand the frustration, discouragement and real danger of a violent relationship.

I Have This Friend Play

I Have This Friend

Entertaining, dramatic, compelling and sure to engage the hearts and minds of young people everywhere.

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What our audience has to say

Standing Ovations

Thank-you for bringing this wonderful play to MCC – again! It was wonderful to see the great turn-out and to raise awareness about domestic violence in such an engaging and moving way.

Dr Elizabeth Ursic Mesa Community College

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

Fix the hurt is a nonprofit that raises awareness about the solutions to domestic and teen dating violence. We concentrate our efforts through the use of live performances in the form of plays and musicals.

500+ Shows

performed in 4 countries



10,000 Soldiers

trained in 2016 in 15 performances of DVTM


2,000 Inmates

trained in State and Federal prisons


4,000 Teens/Parents

trained with IHTF in 2014-16


Teaching Through Drama That “Real Love Shouldn’t Hurt.”

Who Benefits from Our Plays

We work with organizations who want to increase their awareness and training programs. Our approach is innovative and proven to be an effective partnership that produces measurable results in education and action.

Junior & High Schools & Universities

Education and communication is key in preventing the growing number of tragedies that afflict young people and their families.

United States Military Installations

The nature of the work coupled with post traumatic stress creates a period of adjustment that can be difficult.

Juvenile & Adult Correctional Facilities

The emotional impact of empathy plays a major part in recovery and breaking the cycle of abuse.

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