Mother’s Are Our Life Blood

The month of May is a time that we honor our mothers.  In doing so, we indirectly honor sisters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers and wives.  Basically all women and girls.

The perpetrators of domestic violence hurt all females either directly or indirectly.   During this month that honors our mothers, let us take the opportunity to pledge our support to programs and services that address all areas of domestic violence victims needs.

We continue to need shelters and their ancillary services, outpatient counseling, safe houses, job training and workplace re-entry services.

One of the systems primary needs is non-threatening prevention services that educate women and girls and their families on how to identify the signs that indicate an abusive individual.

One such service is Fix the Hurt.  We at Fix the Hurt are dedicated to providing prevention education through the arts.  Our plays are designed to address the many aspects of domestic violence and reveal the ways that women may inadvertently become involved in an unhealthy environment.  Such situations usually happen slowly and the victim does not even notice changes in their relationship.

Please take this opportunity to visit the website and review the newsletter and preview our plays.  Our Board is truly committed to helping educate the community to the prevention of domestic violence.

Join us in addressing this epidemic in our world.


 Cathy Stover, Board Member