Fix the Hurt 10 years of gratitude as domestic violence the musical comes to an end


Gratitude – a word you see on social media, on framed pictures hanging in the kitchen, a word tossed around in expressions of thankfulness.  During this season in particular we prepare for a special meal with loved ones and remember times past when we were a different family unit – when our children were younger and waiting for the drumstick.

Our thoughts turn to those people who have affected our lives as we have traveled, raising awareness of domestic violence.  I guess like most, we want to express our feelings for the blessings we have enjoyed, because of knowing them.  There are too many to name, but all are appreciated.

Typically, we have completed a tough travel schedule to military bases and high schools. As we present our domestic and dating violence training programs using the performing arts, feelings are close to the surface, and about to bubble over. As we see the light come on about violent relationships and members of the audience start to respond to our presentation, our emotions become almost overwhelming for victims that are searching for a way out.

We express gratitude:

  • For those who provide funding to make our efforts possible,
  • For our faithful and talented actors that put their lives on hold to travel with us.
  • For those hardworking military and school staff members that bring our training to the victims.
  • For friends in the military we have met in our travels– Ellen Madison-Holtz, Sue Ellen Allen, Frank Eng, Andrea Peck, Jayne Meath, Judy Poncavage, Lana Johnson, Lasundra Hurley, and many, many more.
  • For Board Members who support our cause and all the work they do.
  • For David Barker, who believed in our mission and used his skills to make our work the best it could be.
  • For family.

We, at Fix the Hurt, have so much to be thankful for as our 10th year comes to an end and we are planning year 11 and look forward to meeting new friends, helping families understand the dynamics of domestic/dating violence.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Linda and John