A Memorial? Never! A Dedication? Forever!

As we go into the year of 2020, our thoughts run to the past, future and today. Requests for Fix The Hurt shows for training have started rolling in, and we are gratified by the response to our training efforts. As we enjoy increased success, it is natural to assess where we are, and ask ourselves, if we are still doing things for the right reason.

This year, September 1, will mark 19 years since domestic violence struck a heavy blow to our family. The residual impact of Lisa’s death still resonates in members of our family. It was, however, never our motive for bringing Fix The Hurt into being. Linda and I want to do all we can to keep other women and men from falling victim to Domestic Violence, and their families from suffering the loss of loved ones.

As we bring our talented and dedicated professional casts to deliver the powerful message, or as Linda and I climb up on the stage or go into a meeting room to tell our story, we are so pleased we can set the stage for prevention.

Does this mean we don’t miss Lisa? As any parent knows, seldom does a day go by without a tender memory of that precious daughter or son. And just as strong is the commitment, so well spoken by another surviving father, that “we won’t stop until awareness of the dangers of intimate partner violence is  just as much habit as looking both ways before crossing a street.”


– John King