A Month for Love

We are officially in the month of February. Yes, the month lovers enjoy so much.  When chocolates, flowers, and other special gifts rekindle a couple’s love. Special feelings are aroused and the world looks brighter than it did in January.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with all couples.  According to reports from the Natural Resources Center on Domestic Violence, the Valentine month typically only shows a slight drop in reported cases of Domestic Violence.

While so many couples are blissfully showing their love and reconfirming the fires of love still burn, about twenty people a minute are abused by their partner. These statistics will repeat themselves time after time. Sadly, one wonders how that can be.

But we need to only understand the cycle.

  • Phase one is where the tension between the partners starts to build.
  • In phase two the actual physical and other violence occurs.
  • In the third phase, real or pretended remorse sets in with promises to seek help, accompanied by increased kindness, loving attention, and gifts. Who would press charges against a person showing this degree of kind attention? And friends relatives and bystanders look on and wonder when not if, phase one will occur again.

If you are a friend, relative or bystander, you can help by educating yourself in the facts and behaviors associated with domestic violence and being ready to work with the victim and/or the abuser to end the cycle.

We are Fix the Hurt, setting the stage for change using the performing arts. Check our website and let us know if you are willing to help stop the cycle.