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How do you spell pandemic?

For years, we at Fix The hurt have spelled it Domestic Violence. A more recent common way is COVID19. The more recent spelling is causing a lot of confusion in protecting the victims of Domestic violence. Experience with domestic violence tells the veterans that compliance with the social distancing rules of COVID19 will naturally increase the incidents […]

A Month for Love

We are officially in the month of February. Yes, the month lovers enjoy so much.  When chocolates, flowers, and other special gifts rekindle a couple’s love. Special feelings are aroused and the world looks brighter than it did in January. Unfortunately, that is not the case with all couples.  According to reports from the Natural […]

A Memorial? Never! A Dedication? Forever!

As we go into the year of 2020, our thoughts run to the past, future and today. Requests for Fix The Hurt shows for training have started rolling in, and we are gratified by the response to our training efforts. As we enjoy increased success, it is natural to assess where we are, and ask […]


Gratitude – a word you see on social media, on framed pictures hanging in the kitchen, a word tossed around in expressions of thankfulness.  During this season in particular we prepare for a special meal with loved ones and remember times past when we were a different family unit – when our children were younger […]

Domestic Volence Involving the Elderly or Vulnerable Adult?

Recently 23 Bruises:  The Lisa King Story, was presented to a group of about 200 at the Sun City Auditorium at a senior center in Oro City, AZ.  The message was well-received and there were immediate comments and questions from the audience.  As I looked over the crowd, I sadly wondered how many of those […]

Focus On The Things In Common

Thinking today about Lisa’s birthday , Oct 19th.  She would be 47.  Seems impossible that so many years have gone by since her death at age 28.  Her legacy has lived on through the work that we have done at Fix the Hurt and those we have worked with through the years.  When we started […]