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Focus On The Things In Common

Thinking today about Lisa’s birthday , Oct 19th.  She would be 47.  Seems impossible that so many years have gone by since her death at age 28.  Her legacy has lived on through the work that we have done at Fix the Hurt and those we have worked with through the years.  When we started […]

Complex Issues Exposed in Domestic Violence Discussion

Following the performance of 23 Bruises: The Lisa King Story, at the Night of Hope Gala this year, I found the discussions interesting. We know from experience that it is almost impossible to get people interested in issues involving Domestic Violence. The group seemed to be totally into opening up for the benefit of those […]

Opportunities Abound in DV Prevention

In our world, doing what our little non-profit does, there are so many opportunities to make a difference. Because our subject matter is Domestic Violence, our opportunities include the late night calls from victims that are so frightened and confused; the parents that are heartbroken because they are shut out from an abused son or […]

A First Hand View of a Successful Escape from Abuse

Sometimes in life the biggest heartbreak or disappointments often come with the biggest blessings. This being said, it does not make any such trials easier. Often times it shakes us to our core, but as we have some time, positive influences, support from friends, family, or even co-workers the fog begins to lift. We can […]

Kindness – an Absolutely Necessary Trait

Last month after the Fix the Hurt Board of Directors meeting several of us were talking. Two were Domestic Violence survivors. One had just recently gotten out and we were saying that now is the time to heal and get on with life, because there are other good people out there looking to start over […]

What Love Is!

I have been thinking a lot lately about my current marriage as opposed to my previous abusive marriage.  I have been married almost four years and we have been together almost five.  My previous marriage was technically slightly over three years.  The contrast could not be more extreme! I have witnessed first-hand what a marriage […]