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What About the Children?

The top news story of the year?  It depends on who you listen to…….. To the police officer it might be the 10-car crash on the interstate, he was called on to respond. To a surgeon it may be an impossible operation he successfully performed. To a football player it might be a spectacular play he […]

Critical Duty to Victims

Critical Duty to Victims- predicting recidivism and lethality The field of intimate partner violence risk assessment (predicting recidivism, lethality) is active, while some states would appear to not have or not be implementing the procedure. Risk assessment is intended to be used by the judicial system to evaluate and predict the potential risk of repeated […]

A Question of Love – Fix the Hurt

I find it ironic that February is the month dedicated to love, be it romantic or platonic. Millions of dollars are spent annually on gifts, whether it is a card, candy, special date or all of the above for Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is recognized as a day that celebrates love. It is also the […]

A Strong Point of Reference for Women – Help Fix the Hurt

I frequently write a blog for Fix the Hurt, because it has been such an important part of my life for years. We are committed to eliminating domestic violence. We see so many victims and most of them are women. We encourage them get to a safe place, and then start working on solving the […]