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A Time

A time of love happiness hope and violence. As many spend this time of the year enjoying their families, there is a very sinister force at work out there. You may have skipped over the word “violence” above, but It is expected that beatings and homicides will increase by 20 percent over the Christmas through […]

I didn’t know I was being abused

You don’t believe it? I can assure you it is the case in most domestic violence situations! We have seen it and hard as it is to believe, most victims are surprised when they discover they are in an abusive relationship. Two high school students were sitting in one of our awareness and training groups. […]

Who Will Save Little Helen?

In our most recent blog, we discussed the issue of children experiencing PTSD when exposed to violence in the home. While PTSD is a documented consequence for an unbelievable number of children, the full impact on millions of lives is yet to be realized. While so many wait to see if the predictions come to pass, […]

PTSD In Children????

While Domestic Violence exists among both heterosexual and same sex couples, the preponderance of cases are a man abusing a woman. Of course, our hearts go out to all domestic violence victims. It is the purpose of Fix the Hurt to prevent anyone from suffering as a result of domestic violence. Traditionally, this has referred […]

The Empty Stocking

Tis the season to be jolly! What a wonderful season! How marvelous are the lights, cheerful salutations and good wishes for each other. Some celebrate as a tradition; to others the season has a significant religious meaning. Whatever the motivation, it is a spectacular time of the year. Many of those that celebrate hang a […]

Domestic/Dating Violence – Suicide

Everyone is talking about the rise in suicides in our country, like it is a big surprise! We at Fix the Hurt have been the harbinger of the devastating impact Domestic Violence and Dating Violence have on our society.  For ten years we have been focusing on these two issues because we have seen up […]