Changing of the Guard – Disabled Victims Suffer

With the changing of the guard here in our grand ol’ land , those of us who deal with victims of Domestic Violence need to be even more vigilant when looking to the needs of the handicapped. These people can easily drop through the cracks anytime, but in times of reorganization there is an even greater chance they will be forgotten.
I was reading about how this is happening in the UK and other countries where Social Security is waning. “The UK government cuts” have left services to the handicapped underfunded and more money is needed so they can be accessible to disabled people. Drying up of these funds has caused the disabled to become poorer and the poorer a person is, the more likely they suffer abuse. Shortage of funding also causes Shelters and other accommodations to be unavailable and forces people to stay in abusive relationships.

The disabled and handicapped are so vulnerable to their abuser. There are reported cases of the abuser damaging the wheelchair or walker to make the victim more dependent, life support equipment being made less efficient, money paid to the caregiver or partner and the money being withheld from the victim when critical supplies are withheld. Reports of “abusers that blame an injury on the victims and their clumsiness, which is a symptom of their disability.”
We know that many of these issues are present in good economical conditions. We would hasten to remind ourselves that they are made worse by changes in policies and regulations that do not consider the disabled.
We encourage you to talk with your lawmakers and remind them to consider issues that protect the disabled.

John King