Get Involved

We are not about treating injuries, we are about preventing them.

Get Involved

When you support Fix the Hurt, you support our vision of safe and healthy families.


Monetory, sponsorhips, or in-kind donations help pave the way for Fix the Hurt performances to continue.


We LOVE our volunteers.  You can join on FTH Board, events, or writers or musicians. All we welcome.


You can continue prevention anytime with our training and music DVD materials.

There is lots of work to do

Reaching thousands and counting

Fix the Hurt is doing all it can to bring this awareness forward. Thanks to people like you, we have managed to access tens of thousands of people from many different communities. When you volunteer for us you will see for yourself, the positive impact our performances have on the audience.

We actually intervene in suffering

Prevention is the key to our mission

We have also assisted victims in the audiences in finding safety. Our volunteers, partners, and donors help us continue our work in educating others and bringing SOLUTIONS to the forefront. We are not about putting bandaids on the bruises…we are about preventing those bruises.