Gun Control Laws – Domestic Violence

We read that recently a piece of gun control legislation “coasted through the Utah House.” This is another piece of legislation that is touted as saving lives of Domestic Violence Victims. We praise all true, well thought out efforts to reduce domestic violence incidents and deaths. But, we also recognize that guns are not the motivation, just the tool.
The statistics read, “When a gun is in a home where domestic violence incidents have occurred, the odds of the women there being killed are five times higher,” House Majority leader Brian King said.


We sound a very loud, “YES” get the gun out of the hands of the offender, and then do your job of getting to the core of the real problem. But we say to you, don’t make gun control the first 10 inches of the 12-inch ruler by which you measure the effectiveness of your domestic violence solution. If an abuser is going to kill their partner, a knife, club or in the case of our daughter, his fists, will effectively kill their partner.
As quoted in the newspaper article, “HB237 – which would marry the domestic violence issue with permit-free carrying of concealed guns – was resurrected in committee this week after appearing to die earlier on a tie vote. It is awaiting consideration by the full House.”
To marry these two concepts, gun control and domestic violence, causes the free carry supporters to suspect ulterior motives in every effort to stop domestic violence and is a terrible disservice to victims across the nation.
We would suggest to those who are truly concerned about domestic violence. Do not take your eye off the ball and sacrifice the effect of your efforts to stop domestic violence.