Domestic Violence is a pandemic

How do you spell pandemic?

For years, we at Fix The hurt have spelled it Domestic Violence. A more recent common way is COVID19. The more recent spelling is causing a lot of confusion in protecting the victims of Domestic violence.

Experience with domestic violence tells the veterans that compliance with the social distancing rules of COVID19 will naturally increase the incidents of violence.

With the requirement to “stay home” everyone is crammed into the house, bored, worried about health issues, increased financial pressures.  The only thing that can happen is the abuser may feel increased justification to abuse and will have increased access to the victim.

At the same time, the victim may not have the opportunity to report the violence. First, the abuser will be present more of the time. Second, the reporting agency may not have adequate staff to take calls. And in the case of child abuse, fewer adults will be able to see their children.

Even if the incident is reported and action is taken, there may not be adequate facilities to remove the victim from the home due to lack of space. Agencies are reporting these difficulties because of social distancing rules reducing the capacity of the home.

The reporting that is done is confusing. Some agencies are reporting spikes in violent incidents, others are reporting reductions in incidents.

Because of these issues, it becomes more important that we are all more alert to the needs of the victims, and the actions of the abusers.

Fix the Hurt is only a phone call away.  We can offer emotional support, a listening ear and knowledge of community resources.

We will soon be back on the road and presenting our important message, raising awareness and helping to fix the hurt.

John L. King