I didn’t know I was being abused

You don’t believe it? I can assure you it is the case in most domestic violence situations! We have seen it and hard as it is to believe, most victims are surprised when they discover they are in an abusive relationship.

Two high school students were sitting in one of our awareness and training groups. A teacher was behind them and heard the exchange. Half way through the session she turned to him and in surprise said, “You do that!  That is the way you treat me.” He brushed the comment off with denial. She persisted, “Yes it is, you do those things to me!” He ripped her spiral notebook in half.  Then he stormed out and tossed it in the trash. She had not recognized it as dating violence until she saw it done to another on stage.

When we talk about Domestic violence we are talking about dating violence the same thing just different age groups and issues.

A common thing for a survivor to say is, “How could I have ever let myself become a victim of something so horrible?”

The operative word is, “Become.”  Well, it doesn’t start out that way.

If you would like to help our efforts at Fix the Hurt to educate and raise awareness, there are several ways that cost you little to nothing.

If you donate at work through United Way, since Fix The Hurt is a 501c3 not for profit corporation, you can simply notify United Way, you want a portion or all, of your donation, to go “Fix the Hurt.”

You can also check with your grocer to see if they have a community charitable giving program, and my favorite, smile.amazon.com and select Fix the Hurt as your charity.

Our Executive Director, Linda King, had a birthday this week and through Facebook, she suggested a Fix the Hurt donation for her birthday.  Friends more than doubled her goal and raised $420.  Her daughter did the same and raised $175.   You can ask for donations for Fix the Hurt when your birthday rolls around. www.helpfixthehurt.org