Open Letter to AZ High School Boards

Why are middle and high schools afraid to address the incidences of teen violence?  “I Have This Friend” brings the real problems of teen dating violence to the forefront.  It shows ways to identify abusers and how to prevent the devastation of such violence to young adults and their families.

The Board of Fix the Hurt hopes to have the video available in the near future for all junior high and high schools.  The 60 minute movie will present the entire performance of our play, “I Have This Friend,” as a screenplay and updated to captivate our teen audiences. The accompanying material will allow the viewers and their parents/teachers to have in-depth meaningful discussions regarding dating violence.

Fix the Hurt has found it difficult to enter schools, by working from the bottom up.  We have contacted various schools throughout the State, but various road blocks have been put forth that hinder the youth from being educated as to the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Therefore, we will be approaching the Governing Boards in an effort to open up a path to introduce this time-proven vehicle to junior and high school students.

I Have the Friend has been performed live throughout the country on military bases for six   years.  During that time over 10,000 youth and their parents have been impacted.

Our Board of Directors has endeavored to find ways to share this vehicle with our local school districts and have met with very little, if any support.

As the new school year begins we would ask you to take this opportunity to visit our website “” to better acquaint yourself with who we are and what we do.

We feel we have much to offer the youth of Arizona.

Thank you,


Catherine Ryan-Stover, Board Member