Loving Hands

Opportunities Abound in DV Prevention

In our world, doing what our little non-profit does, there are so many opportunities to make a difference. Because our subject matter is Domestic Violence, our opportunities include the late night calls from victims that are so frightened and confused; the parents that are heartbroken because they are shut out from an abused son or daughter; the children of an abused parent, and that are living in hell. These opportunities are presented to each of us and our wonderful cast members are sensitive to that gift.

Occasionally, we see that one cast member is really feeling the massage. It is a very emotional experience for them; notwithstanding, they have done the play many times. From time to time, after the performance, there is an opportunity to interact with a person from the audience, and that is always special.

Last week, at the Lewis and Clark Commanders College at Ft Leavenworth, one of the cast members had an especially tender situation present itself. The youngest member of the cast, Brie, is working toward a degree to qualify her to become an interpreter in American Sign Language.

In attendance at this presentation was a young man who works for the Army Chaplains. He is deaf and wanted to attend the training to better understand Domestic Violence.  Before the training session he was sitting in the back of the auditorium alone in civilian clothing. Sensitive to his desire, the Family Advocacy Program Manager, made his situation known to Linda.

Immediately, Brie came out and started communicating, using ASL. She told him many of the specifics of the show, and invited him down front to watch the performance.  During the performance of the musical, when it was possible, she would sign. After the performance and during the discussion and Q & A segment, she was able to sign the entire talkback.

After the training session the young man expressed appreciation for being able to better participate, and understand the content of the program. Brie was elated to use her special talent to serve another’s needs.