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. . .one hundred and thirty years ago, a doctor and lawmakers teamed up to make it a crime for a man to abuse his wife. One hundred and thirty years later, Domestic Violence is still increasing.

For years tale, after tale, after tale are told by those who work to end domestic violence. We tell people the stories, they are appalled, they are impressed, and they go home and forget. This normal human tendency has caused continuous frustration for people working to save victims and bring awareness about this important issue.

Fix The Hurt was launched as a platform for creating powerful and educational artistic performances that engage audiences so they do not return home to forget what they have seen, but instead are empowered to help in preventing domestic and dating violence.

3 Women

a day are killed by present or former intimate partner.

20,000+ Calls

a day are made to the Domestic Violence Hotline

72% Criminal

murder-suicides involve an abusive intimate partner

8.3B Dollars

a year is lost due to intimate partner violence

Let us introduce ourselves

Who We Are


We educate and raise awareness about domestic and teen dating violence through outreach and performing arts.


A world of safe and healthy families.


We aim to bring our performances in every military installation, prison yard and university and high school as part of training and education curriculum.

It starts with values

Why We Do It


Community Service
Social Change
Non Violence/Respect

Lisa’s Story

How It All Came to Be

Fix the Hurt founders, John and Linda King lost a daughter, Lisa King Fertic, to the ultimate act of domestic violence. It was this terrible loss that caused them to step forward and speak out against domestic violence.

They discovered that speaking wasn’t enough to make a lasting impact and began to focus on a more innovative method of getting out the message. With a team of talented writers, composers and performers, Fix the Hurt launched a series of plays which have been met with standing ovations.

After several successful national and international performances, Fix the Hurt has added “Control.Assault.Delete” and “I Have this Friend” to the theater line up to rave reviews from military installations, correctional facilities, and schools and universities.

The exceptional people who work with us

Board & Team

Our amazing team of board members and volunteers are the heart and soul of Fix the Hurt.

What have we been up to?

Fix the Hurt News

We write about our performance adventures, current events, and wonderful people we meet along the way.