Board & Team

Working together, we succeed together

Board & Volunteers

Many thanks to all of our beloved board members, cast, crew, and volunteers who make Fix the Hurt happen. There are many lives you have changed and many lives you have saved.  Let’s keep going!

Love Does Great Things

If you are passionate about preventing abuse, we have a job for you.

Board of Directors

John King: Interim Board Chair
Linda King: Co-Founder & President
John King: Co-Founder & Vice President
Vanessa Baldwin: Board Secretary
Scott Bills: Board Treasurer
Cathy Ryan-Stover
Doreen Nicholas
Carl Crawford
Kelly Black
Larry Clouse

Performance Team

Miciah Dodge: Music Director & Actor
Jori Dodge: Actor
Caroline Walker: Actor
Patrick Adam: Actor
Kate Haas: Actor
Kirby Soderberg: Actor
Jamie Sandomire: Actor
Karla Frederick: Actor

FTH Volunteers

Paula Crawford
Jami Cornish
Robert Lovell
Vickie Florschuetz

John and Linda King

John and Linda King


John and Linda lost a daughter, Lisa, to an act of domestic violence. It was this loss that caused Linda to step forward. With quiet assertiveness, and a calm, yet passionate voice, Linda began to speak out against Domestic Violence. A voice that clearly defined Domestic Violence, told of the warning signs, explained what victims, their families, and community members could do to protect those being abused and make abusers accountable.

Linda and John make Mesa, Arizona their home and continue to speak out against Domestic Violence.