Control. Assault. Delete.

The answers for parents everywhere.

Control. Assault. Delete.

Follow a typical young woman as she enters college with high hopes and plans to fulfill her dreams and then meets her abuser, who controls her life and ultimately ends those hopes.

Directed by David Barker, this play is a true story about John and Linda King and their daughter, Lisa, whose life was cut short from abuse. The audience becomes a part of the drama as she and her parents struggle. It will touch your heart as you watch what this young woman experiences in her quest to find happiness, save the man she believes loves her, and finally as she frantically seeks to save her own life!

Control Assault Delete Play


This is the true story of a girl.

No matter how tough, the audience reacts with empathy.


“Control.Assault.Delete.” has been performed in fifty-five venues for thousands of viewers, including prisons. During performances and the following question and answer session, grown men in Arizona Prisons have wept as they recalled their part in similar cases and inquired what they could do to protect their children from becoming involved in a violent relationship. Read our case studies from Perryville, Eyman, and Lewis prisons.

We want people to avoid the same mistakes.


The play focuses on three key areas:

  • Mistakes made by parents and friends in their attempts to help the victim.
  • Tactics used by abusers to trap victims into a rigidly controlled relationship.
  • Points out to abusers the pain and misery they bring to the lives of others through their actions (Control. Assault, Delete).
Control. Assault. Delete.
  • Show Length
    50 minutes
  • Performance Price
    $600 + Travel
  • Post Performance
    A 15 min Q&A after the show.
  • Survey
    We offer a short survey to the audience to help us improve.
  • Case Studies

Community Impact

“This was a raw look at the pain and devastation that comes from domestic violence. I could not help but think of my own family, and wonder about the feelings of turmoil they suffered, fearing for my life. We are so grateful to have such an amazing and inspirational people come here to share their knowledge and hope. The information you share will resonate in our lives and make us stronger women.”

Perryville Women’s Prison