Domestic Violence the Musical?

Like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Domestic Violence the Musical?

Why doesn’t she just leave? This interactive performance answers that question along with myth busting information set to toe tapping music.

In “Domestic Violence the Musical?” there is no gender, race, religion,or ethnicity that the audience can put onto the abuser. It’s a performance that will leave them with an important understanding that domestic violence can happen to anyone and how it can be effectively handled by loved ones and the community at large.

Domestic Violence the Musical Play


Help decide which door she will enter

Looking for an effective way to raise awareness?


“Domestic Violence the Musical?” has been seen by 50,000 people and we are just getting started. From Iwakuni Naval Base in Japan to FT. Bragg in North Carolina to the Herberger Theatre in Phoenix, the response is always astoundingly positive. Our case studies show that audiences leave the play, knowing how to respond appropriately to an abusive relationship and find they retain the information better than just with a lecture.

Bring this powerful message to your audience anytime.


Domestic Violence, the Musical? –  the training and awareness program of choice for the military has just become available on CD.  Now you can conveniently bring this important message to your training program by placing an order here.

  • Show Length
    50 minutes
  • Performance Price
    $3,200 + Travel
  • Post Performance
    A 15 min Q&A after the show.
  • Survey
    We offer a short survey to the audience to help us improve.
  • Case Studies

Community Impact

“We could not imagine a more powerful tool to communicate our message than “Domestic Violence-The Musical?.” Each audience was visibly moved by the production. One of the most frequent responses we heard after the show was “Where else will it be performed? I have friends and family who need to see this show. We fully intend to bring it back to El Paso.”

Stephanie Dodson, Executive Director, Center Against Family Violence, El Paso, Texas