A Power Point or Effective Training?

Where do people get the notion that people cannot be taught DV Training while being entertained? That is ludicrous and we have proven it time after time as we deal with military personnel. We, at Fix the Hurt, hear from the audience, “Thank goodness, not another pointless ‘power point’, although it may not be put that politely. The most common choices trainers have are, entertained, engaged and emotionally captivated or bored into a mind numbing trance. Unfortunately many lectures fall into the latter category.
We keep repeating this same message, but it is true. People must be engaged and emotionally captivated in order to be taught and remember. That is why we, at Fix the Hurt, use the performing arts to teach and train. We submit just a few comments from past participants in our training programs, to let you get a feel for the response and the level of support.
Comment  1
“I was prepared to scorn Domestic Violence The Musical? and training as cheesy drivel.  What a unique, quality educational experience!  This would not have worked if you had used sub-par actors and script.  So glad I took the time to listen!”
Comment 2
Comment from USASOC Ft. Bragg
From: Lasley Paul COL USASOC
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2014 1:19 PM
To: Latham Angela C MS (USASOC)
Cc: Harris Barry COL (USASOC)
Subject: Feedback – Domestic Violence The Musical
Had the opportunity to watch the domestic violence training yesterday at the 1500 showing.  By far, the best and most informative training I have ever received on domestic violence.  Kudos on providing such great training to USASOC – on such a critical and sensitive subject!  The “medium of a musical” may have been “entertainment” but the content, tone, delivery and outcome was clearly training!  It is hard to make that type of training enjoyable – but it was awesome training! VR – In Christ,
Comment 3
My name is SSG Maglin, I talked to you briefly at the musical performance here at Fort Rucker, AL. I’m an AIT PLT SGT and have a population of 300+ brand new entry soldiers in my company.
I wanted to again say thank you for bringing your program here and reach out to see what your schedule is for next year. I would like to brief higher to have your show come back specifically for my soldiers, who I feel are in the right age group and time in the army to receive this useful information. Whenever you have blank space in your calendar please let me know, I’ll take those dates and bounce them off our training calendar and get back to you on when we would like you to return.
Lastly, I wanted to share a personal story with you. This weekend, my neighbor finally admitted to my wife she has been abused verbally and physically for the last 6 years. Her husband is a pathological liar and a cheater and had us all fooled. He had such control over his wife and two girls we never really knew what was going on. Saturday night/Sunday morning we found out, ensured she kicked him out of the house and contacted the unit to ensure he wouldn’t come back for 24 hours. We talked to her and helped her get to the mental state that she needed to be in so she would leave. We packed up the girls, her stuff, and kept her in a good mental state until her parents arrived. My wife and I contacted her parents and they came to get her and the girls. Her parents were only 2 hours away, so this was the best time for her to escape the situation.
Your program was in the back of my mind in the situation and gave my wife and I talking points to help convince her that this was it, and it was time to go. They are all safe in another state, and the Authorities and his chain of command have been notified.
Thank you again for what you all are doing, and let me say the reason I shared this event with you is to show you that you’re making a difference.
SSG Maglin
3rd PLT Aco, 1-13th AVN REGT
Fort Rucker AL, 36362
Comment 4
From: DuBois, Fredrick G COL USARMY MEDCOM WAMC (US)
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 8:44 AM
To: Cleveland Charles T LTG
Cc: Eng Frank E MR (USASOC)
Subject: FW: Domestic Violence Awareness Month Performances

Good Morning LTG Cleveland,

I am COL Fredrick DuBois, Chief Family Member Behavioral Health, Womack
Army Medical Center.  In this capacity I serve as Chairperson of the Ft.
Bragg Family Advocacy Case Review Committee, which reviews all
allegations of adult and child abuse/neglect, make determinations and
treatment recommendations to Command.

As part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, USASOC and Fix the Hurt
presented the dramatic production to the Ft. Bragg community.
I would like to commend Mr. Frank Eng for his
efforts in coordinating this presentation.  Sir the performance was outstanding!  An exciting nontraditional training that’s one of the best that I have seen in working in the domestic violence for over 20 years.
The performance captured the attention of our Soldiers and Families. Mrs. King’s story is tragic, but her hope is to educate and help whomever she can regarding the dynamics of domestic violence. Unfortunately many Soldiers and Family Members missed the opportunity to witness this musical and it’s powerful message.
Once again Sir my thanks to you and Mr. Eng.


Fredrick G. DuBois, LCSW, BCD
Chief, Family Member Behavioral Health
Womack Army Medical Center
(910) 907-7869<tel:%28910%29%20907-7869>
DSN 337-7869
We could go on and on but as my grandmother taught me The proof of the pudding is in the eating!