PTSD In Children????

While Domestic Violence exists among both heterosexual and same sex couples, the preponderance of cases are a man abusing a woman. Of course, our hearts go out to all domestic violence victims.

It is the purpose of Fix the Hurt to prevent anyone from suffering as a result of domestic violence. Traditionally, this has referred to parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and friends, but at the end of the day, who in our society is the most vulnerable and least able to protect themselves from these horrors? Who has no way to control the events that rule their lives? Yes! The children in these families!!! While some of those parents are concerned, others believe their children are not aware of the violence.  Studies show the contrary. 

Our Experience

At one school recently, we were talking about the impact of domestic violence relationships in the home. One seventeen year old young man said he had grown up in a home where domestic violence was continual. He went on to give the most heart-wrenching story. His father was always battering his mother, yelling, beating her. She would cry and scream. This little boy was seven and his little sister was three. To protect his little sister when their father was beating their mother, he would take the little girl into the bathroom closet and cover her with towels in an effort to keep her from hearing her mother’s screams and the thump of the batterer’s fists as her mother was beaten.

For years, we have seen the effects of war on our grown men and women who have been exposed to battle.  As a kid in our little town, we referred to it as “shell shock”. Kids can be mean at times without meaning to be. We thought it was funny to see “ole shell shocked” John’s antics, when we would hit a tin garbage can with a big stick near him. 

PTSD Not Just in Soldiers

We think of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as being a disorder for returning veterans, but sadly, studies show that children in violent homes develop PTSD at a very young age.

People always want to put a number on a problem to see if it is worth fixing, I will give you two numbers and won’t even bother to validate them. Why? It is a fool’s errand. Just knowing conditions of the times is enough. But here are the numbers! Number one, 2, 414,196. Number two, 3,000,000.

Number one is the number of divorces in the U.S. each year

Number two is the minimum estimated number of children exposed to PTSD levels of violence each year.

As you  read this piece I hope you will ask yourself a couple of questions:

·        Do I really care? If not, thank you for reading this far!

·        If you do care then ask, “What needs to be done?”

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