The Empty Stocking

Tis the season to be jolly! What a wonderful season! How marvelous are the lights, cheerful salutations and good wishes for each other. Some celebrate as a tradition; to others the season has a significant religious meaning. Whatever the motivation, it is a spectacular time of the year. Many of those that celebrate hang a stocking over the fireplace for each member of the family. The stocking is located in a special place, for Santa Clause to place gifts for that person to find on Christmas morning.
While all are celebrating according to their personal beliefs, there are some that take a few minutes to clear their throats and blink the tears from their eyes. For these the stocking of a loved one may hang empty over the hearth; many because of a violent act that prematurely ended their life here on earth.
In our house we have three empty stockings over our fireplace, representing three precious and sorely missed children. One for a dear teenage son taken in an auto accident, another for a precious young daughter killed in a home break in robbery, act of vengeance. The third stocking is for a dear young woman killed by her ex-husband after a nine year abusive relationship.
No matter the circumstances, the loss of a loved one causes pain that remains and peaks from time to time. Accidents happen, but acts of violence are unacceptable and must be stopped. We, at Fix the Hurt, have been working to that end for over ten years. We aggressively work to end domestic violence and dating violence and caution you that this is a season that escalates partner violence.
We offer our heartfelt sympathy to those of you who have an empty stocking over your fireplace. If you have an interest in ending partner violence, contact us to find out how to help.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday
John King