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Positive impact on students

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With 1 in 3 teens experiencing dating violence and 1 in 4 high school girls experiencing sexual assault, this issue is an important focus for Fix the Hurt. It is estimated that 1.5 million teens in high school in the United States experience dating violence each year.


Become an ambassador for safer kids and families.

Young people learn how to be safer

Teaching is our favorite

Our founder, Linda King, has presented face to face discussions in over 75 high schools, speaking to 12,000+ students. Always after the presentation, girls wanting to talk, bombard her. Typically, she gets the opening statement I Have This Friend and, of course, we never know if it is a friend or that girl herself. She has actually had a girl ask her if she would sit with her as she calls her abusive boyfriend and breaks up with him.

Positive effects on so many levels


As a result of the enormous positive impact the plays have on the kids, Fix The Hurt has developed a musical entitled, I Have This Friend. In addition to our new performance, our plays have been performed for 10 high schools and 4 community colleges and universities for approximately 5,000 students to date.

CASE STUDY: High School of Americas

I Have This Friend performed for 114 students at High School of the Americas, El Paso:

  • Show Length
    50 minutes
  • Play was helpful to teen
  • Play clearly described dangers of dating violence
  • Play was appropriate for teen audiences

Community Impact

Responses from High School Students about I Have this Friend:

“I really liked this play, it opened my eyes about abusive relationships, so now I know what one looks like, so I can stay away from that person.”

“I thought the play was very informative and I learned to distinguish some red flags that could signify an abusive relationship.”

“This play was amazing, it brought awareness to me that I will remember for the rest of my life.”