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Statistics indicate that 40% of military spouses experience violent relationships. Long periods of absence coupled with the job stress can escalate the tendency toward violent behavior. When couples are reunited there may be a period of adjustment, which can often be difficult.


We meet requirements for AR – 608-18  – Domestic Violence Training

Prevention helps us all


Fix the Hurt has been successful in supporting the military’s efforts to reduce domestic abuse. To date, we have produced 75 performances for 15 installations nationally and in Japan for the Airforce, Marines, Army, and Army Special Ops. The response to our programs is reflected in show requests at ten additional installations and numerous repeat performances.

Evidence when it’s needed


After each performance, we provide a question and answer discussion with an evaluation to document measurable outcomes. Our criteria for the audience is to recognize abuse when they see it, how to respond to what they have recognized, where to find resources for assistance.

CASE STUDY: Ft. Huachuca Army Base

Performed for 77 people:

  • Recommend This Play
  • At Ft. Huachuca, 95% of 77 people, who attended recommended our plays to others as a way to learn more about the issues and as a teaching tool for informing and educating members of the community.

  • Best Practice in Domestic Violence Education
    Ft. Huachuca’s Family Advocacy Department designated Fix the Hurt plays as “best practice in domestic violence education.”

Community Impact

Response about our plays:

“Linda King and the cast present the best domestic violence awareness/prevention training I have seen in my thirty years of military association. Everyone who watches the performances does some introspection and can relate to some portion of the show. The passion and compassion of the actors is unmatched and genuine, you can’t help but be changed by what you see. Our intent is to ensure that every Soldier, civilian, and Family member has the opportunity to come out and see the show. Our goal is to reach that one Soldier who may be an abuser or that one Family member who is being abused and give them the strength to make a change in their lives.”