Who Will Save Little Helen?

In our most recent blog, we discussed the issue of children experiencing PTSD when exposed to violence in the home. While PTSD is a documented consequence for an unbelievable number of children, the full impact on millions of lives is yet to be realized. While so many wait to see if the predictions come to pass, let us consider ways to stop the daily horror for over three million children.

We told you about the six-year old boy having to shield his little sister from that horrible reality by taking her into the bathroom and covering her with towels so she would not hear the beating of her mother by her father. The brother’s statement, “What else could I do?”

Linda served in the Mesa Police Department Victims Assistant Program (VAP) for six years. One evening she received a call from the dispatcher asking her to report to the Center Against Family Violence and assist three children, where she met Helen. Helen was taken from her home, along with an 18-months old brother and her 3-year old brother. Helen was much older, she was five years old and she stood ready to protect her brothers.

Linda got them some decent clothes and something to lighten their hunger pangs. She tried to comfort them on into the night as the regulatory wheels turned.  Finally, as a result of kindness and a child’s need to trust an adult, Helen softened.

Hours later reality returned to Helen’s little world as the decision was made about where to park the three of them.  Linda shed tears as she recounted how that brave, sweet little girl got into the CPS van with her brothers, and with pleading eyes turned and said, “Aren’t you coming with us?  www.helpfixthehurt.org

So as we redouble our efforts to end this pain and horror, we say, “What else can we do?”  We can do everything possible to raise awareness of how to stop perpetuating the violence.

In 2019 we plan to:

  • Place dating violence videos in 2000 high schools.
  • Have high school students perform our dating violence musical for their peers in 150 high schools
  • Present multiple training programs in at least 10 military installations across the nation, five prisons and 10 metropolitan community centers.

We repeat little Helen’s question to you with pleading voices, “Aren’t you coming with us?” You can do a lot and it will not cost you anything.

Example: If you donate at work through United Way, since Fix The Hurt is a 501c3 not for profit corporation, you can simply notify United Way, you want a portion or all, of your donation, to go “Fix the Hurt.”

You can also check with your grocer to see if they have a community charitable giving program, and my favorite, smile.amazon.com and select Fix the Hurt as your charity.

.Our Executive Director, Linda King, has a birthday coming up next week and through Facebook, she suggested a  Fix the Hurt donation for her birthday https://www.facebook.com/donate/230138921022292/10213943398352274/  You can ask for donations for Fix the Hurt when your birthday rolls around.  In less than a week, friends had donated $265.

Help Fix the Hurt bring awareness to the parents of the 3 million Helens out there.  End Domestic Violence.

John L. King